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Saint Laurent Mini Leather Shoulder Bag

Sell ​​Popular all over the world! There is almost a celebrity blogger! Although it looks soft, it is still very structured when you carry things with you; the deliberately worn leather has a vintage feel and is easy to maintain; there are no problems with one-shoulder, cross-body bags and hand-helds, and it is very practical. Perfect match with casual and natural femininity.

Saint Laurent handbag Niki mini leather shoulder bag body looks like a messenger bag. The lines are clean and tidy, and there is no bag type. The old oil wax cowhide has a retro feel, and has a texture and super care feel. The classic seam herringbone pattern is very complicated.

Saint Laurent's hottest Niki chain bag this year! Since the last time I launched the Saint Laurent handbag, there have been nearly five years of multi-color contrast. I initially thought that I did not have the fate of this brand. A few days ago, I visited the homepage and saw this Nikki planting grass for a second.

I have to say that our Saint Laurent replica bag is full of color! Picture 4 is SA helped me arrange all the intricate colors and sizes. The bag I fell in love with at first sight was cream, a perfect match for a trench coat, but even SA said that it is not recommended because it is unprotected and easily soiled. Wearing denim also has the risk of getting dirty.

the most important! The cream is not big! 173 I think I need to be bigger and more aura. I struggled for a long time and finally chose. Niki has a large capacity and is very capable of carrying light chains. It can be worn on the shoulder or messenger bag. However, I think the big shoulders are more versatile.

White can be considered very cost-effective all year round. In short, despite the complexity of the process, I am still satisfied in the end! This bag is also my favorite bag recently. Cool girls can close their eyes.

Saint Laurent Tote Bag "Niki" Tote Bag is carefully crafted in Italy from Burgundy leather, with folds and glossy finishes, which can bring a more charming retro feel. The space in the bag is spacious and can accommodate additional tablets or laptops to meet your busy schedule needs. There is also a pocket on the front, so you can easily use your phone without missing any important calls. The chain shoulder strap can stably carry heavy loads. It can be folded and carried, or placed diagonally on the street.

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