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Prada Leather Mini Handbag

prada bags

If I were asked about the most beautiful organ of human beings, I would say ass. Don't believe it, you see this. It's not a big deal. Even the Replica Prada Handbags should be made into the shape of a butt, such as this 'fart bag'

Prada Sidonie City Calf leather mini handbag round is very curved, like a beautiful ass. The curves are nice and small, so the appearance rate of taking photos of celebrities and bloggers is extremely high. This fart Replica Prada Bags is Prada's hottest Prada Sidonie this year. She first appeared on the Prada show in 2000. Because it is too recognizable, it has become a classic.

But Sidonie's pursuit is not retro, it wants a "new look", so it has also done a lot of "deceptive tricks." The closest thing to the original shape is the ultra-thin "little butt". Prada handbags are made of straight lines with zippers, which is more concise. The other is a clamshell model with a "big tongue" on the buttocks.

prada bags

The most fashionable part of the fart bag is the backrest method, which can be clipped to the back of the armpit and has a dragging feeling. Moreover, because the design of this Replica Prada handbag is very ergonomic, the thickness and hanging position of the handbag have been considered, so holding the arm will not feel uncomfortable. In addition, Prada Sidonie can also lean back or carry it, although it is better to keep it cool, but it is still very eye-catching.

Or hold it in your hand like me. In farting, the most popular is the black and white stitched flap model, probably because it is not too big or too small, and can be assembled with a back. And it has a wide range of uses. Spring and summer clothing and autumn and winter clothing are very good. All black models are suitable for cool girls. Various festivals have been held recently, and red and black models are also very suitable for the occasion.

For bold guests, you can choose some bright yellow and blue bags. Whether it's matching casual and casual clothing, or matching elegant clothing such as Yu Feihong, it's great! As for the "little butt", it is light and thin, suitable for use as a clutch, and suitable for various year-end parties. Do you think it is so beautiful, you can do it too, hurry up!

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