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Cheap Wholesale Jeans Suppliers

Clothes are one of the necessities of life. Some people look for affordable clothes, while others are willing to spend money on more expensive clothes. If you run an online store, you must seriously consider selling jeans. It is a full range of clothing worn by people from all over the world.

There is demand, which means there is a market there. But where will you get the supply? Retail purchase sources are not ideal, as this will cause prices to rise. This way, your customers will know that they can get better deals elsewhere and therefore refuse to buy.

You must buy jeans at wholesale prices. In this "Top 9 Cheap and High Quality Jeans Suppliers" article, I will show several shops and what kind of services they provide. Finally, all you have to do is to choose the identity of the supplier.

Top Cheap Wholesale Jeans Suppliers In United States

1. Private Label clothing LLC 

This one is a wholesale boutique that is USA-based, which offers denim clothes at reasonable prices. They offer seamless transactions with their clients and wholesale buyers, and they also offer fast delivery.

Here are some of their products:

Here are some more services they offer:

This manufacturer has a wide variety of choices from jeans, shorts, jacket and other fabrics. They require 50 pieces per order. They produce 60,000 pairs of jeans per model and roughly 500,000 pieces all in all per month. 

On the website, there is a detailed design page with prices and sizes. Some of the jeans are made-to-order while some are readily available for purchase. With the increasing demand for denim and other fabrics, they partnered with some manufacturers in Pakistan.  

2. Bloom Wholesale Shopping Mart

Bloom is another US-based manufacturing company that produces wholesale jeans for online retail suppliers. They also supply to small and large physical stores globally. They specialize in manufacturing and distributing womenĄ¯s fashion clothing to businesses in Los Angeles. 

Here are the products they offer:

They also have a wide variety of clothing for plus sizes and other fabrics made in the USA. With this company, you will get an offer of quality clothing at an affordable price starting from $6. The shipment is accurate and is on time, thatĄ¯s why it is hassle-free for clients. 

The items available from their shop came from designers in Los Angeles, all of which are aligned with the trends of today. If the order is over $400, the shipping rate will be free of charge. When there is damage, the company will handle the situation. For any queries, call the hotline listed on the website. 

3. Good Stuff Apparel

Good Stuff is based in the USA. They are offering wholesale prices to small and large businesses. What they have are high-quality clothing at an affordable price. They are currently one of the leading suppliers of jeans more than hundreds of suppliers in Los Angeles. 

Here are the products they offer:

They also offer plus-sizes for other garments. With this wholesale boutique for jeans, people who struggle to find supplier partners will find convenience. Shipping rates may be costly for those outside of Los Angeles, but this is still better than buying on retail. Receiving the wrong product can be reported to their customer service through email or phone call. 

Top Cheap Wholesale Jeans Suppliers In China

4. Hebei Kangwei Garment Co., Ltd. 

This is a China-based company that offers quality products for small or large business enterprises. They satisfy the clientĄ¯s desire for high quality despite the affordable cost of their goods. 

Here are the products they offer:

This company offers a variety of choices for women and menĄ¯s jeans and undergarments. They manufacture items whether it is the peak or off-peak of shopping activities, which means you can depend on them throughout the year. 

They have been in service since 2001, and are producing quality clothing for over 19 years. In terms of international trading, they offer several shipping options like FOB, CFR and CIF. In terms of payment, they accept PayPal, Western Union, LC, T/T, and D/P.

5. Guangzhou Profound Garment Co., Ltd.

One of the China-based company which offers affordable prices, this company specializes in manufacturing and exporting its products worldwide. Their commitment is that they will meet the clientĄ¯s standards with the quality of the product they produce.

Here are the products they offer: 

This company assures the quality of the product they produce globally. They have been in service since 2015, and their average manufacture time is one month on both off and peak season. In terms of international trading, they offer FOB, CFR and CIF while in terms of payment, they accept PayPal, Western Union, LC, T/T, and D/P. 

6. Guangzhou Juepell Fashion Company Ltd

This is another supplier based on the same city as the previous one. They offer affordable prices for their women and menĄ¯s jeans. The products are of good quality and can rival both American and European brands. 

Here are the products they offer:

This company has been in service since the year 2000, with over 18 years of experience in manufacturing clothing. In terms of international trading, they offer several methods of shipment. In terms of payment, they accept PayPal, Western Union and T/T. 

Top Cheap Wholesale Jeans Suppliers In United Kingdom

7. Hawthorn

Hawthorn is a UK-based wholesale company that offers quality products globally. They are known as the leading company in the UK as clothing producers. They produce wholesale products for small or medium businesses.

Here are their products:

As a growing company, they meet the clientĄ¯s desires through their custom-made options. They have been doing this for years, and they also provide assistance in designing trendy jeans and other clothing materials. They ensure that the products they make are fashionable and trendy. The minimum wholesale requirement is 50 pieces. 

8. City Goddess

It is a UK-based boutique company that offers wholesale purchase of products to start-ups or medium businesses globally. They prioritize clients and satisfactorily meet their needs. Top of the line clothing with the quality produced items.

Here are the products they offer:

Because of the high quality of their products, it services lots of clients worldwide. They have a fast delivery system with their courier partners like UPS, FedEx, and DHL. Upon checking out, the client will know how much the shipping rate is. Some clients can use their preferred shipping courier. 

9. Emma Cloth

This is another company from the US-based that offers affordable prices in wholesale across the globe. They donĄ¯t have a physical store, and this is why all of the purchases are done online. 

Here are their products:

They have grown over the years because they supply clothing that is of high quality. They offer discounts for their products at affordable prices, too. Their shipping is free of charge and they will ship within 3-7 days. The order processing is 1-4 days. Depending on your purchase, you can choose your shipping method.


Nowadays, different boutiques offer wholesale prices, but not all of them produce the quality you expect. The competition for online selling is tough, and this is why you have to carefully select your supplier.

Visit each website, and then check if they have products that you want to sell. Get one pair of jeans, so you can have a sample. If you like the product, contact the supplier and then see if you can strike a bargain deal.

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